10/28/08 02:25 pm

Nutty E's

As much as they respect brains and sophistication, liberals find theirs largely ...
10/12/08 12:24 am

Must Be Racism

More silly charges of racism, the favorite weapon of the Democrats.
10/06/08 10:55 pm

Racism Again

Liberal eyes see racism everywhere.WASHINGTON (AP) — By claiming that Democrat...
09/29/08 07:20 am

A Different Kind of President

The liberal mind is a wonderful thing to behold. The New York Times has a story ...
09/18/08 08:11 am

Dirty ugly nasty

For those of you who thought Obama was delivering a new kinda politics to Americ...
09/17/08 11:13 am

Governor Dumb

Barack had a couple of tough weeks after his convention ended. He got a four poi...
09/10/08 01:12 pm

Blind Racism?

The Governor of New York says that Sarah Palin was turning "community organ...
08/05/08 12:30 am

Inside the Numbers

If you want to understand what the campaigns are up to, you have to look inside ...
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