10/20/08 09:05 am

Bumping Powell

The Zogby poll, released hours before the others start to come out, has taken a ...
10/19/08 03:51 pm


Get mad when you hear them talk about a double digit Obama lead.
10/19/08 10:06 am

Tighter Still

The new Zogby poll shows that Barack's lead in the presidential race is und...
10/19/08 08:36 am

Double Ewe

My wife said yesterday, "let's go see W. It's gotten loads of pos...
10/18/08 08:06 pm

Two Four Five

The polls are pretty much the same today - implying a lack of impact from Wednes...
10/17/08 08:31 pm

Alphabet Lies

Why did Charlie Gibson kick off the national news last night with a story that i...
10/17/08 05:56 pm

Why So Close?

You've got to ask yourself, why is it so close - and, if there is a Bradley...
10/16/08 07:57 pm


Despite the mainstream media's portrayal of the race, that Barack is runnin...
10/15/08 04:44 pm


The most credible polls show Barack with a lead, but one that is hovering close ...
10/15/08 12:08 pm

Tight! (or not?)

Zogby - Barack ahead by 3.8%The race for the White House has developed a familia...
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