09/27/08 03:51 pm

The Lonely One

I thought McCain did well last night. Glad I'm not the only one.
09/27/08 09:31 am

Barack Won?

Was McCain disrespectful of Obama during last night's debate? Post-debate p...
09/09/08 10:52 pm

Bounce Over

John McCain's bounce is no longer rising. In today's Gallup daily trac...
09/09/08 10:48 am

More Numbers

CBS News has a poll out that shows McCain in a 2 point lead - reflecting the mov...
09/09/08 02:05 am

Palin Power

The new ABC News/Washington Post poll only shows McCain with a 2% lead among lik...
09/08/08 11:04 am

McCain's Palin Bump

The GOP convention was the launch pad that the McCain campaign had hoped for, fu...
09/06/08 10:28 pm

Barack's Shrinking Lead

The three day Gallup tracking poll has tightened up considerably since the start...
09/05/08 12:25 pm

The Star

Early reports out of Rasmussen - the poll isn't out yet, but its results ar...
09/04/08 09:55 pm

CBS News Poll

The CBS News Poll showed Barack up 8% a few days ago. It's a lousy poll - t...
08/28/08 03:34 pm

Barack Bump

The Gallup tracking poll, which a couple of days ago had McCain pulling into a 2...
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