11/14/08 01:07 pm

Doctrine Air

Thoughts on the Fairness Doctrine from Adam Reilly in the Boston Phoenix.
11/07/08 03:28 pm


One of the blessings accompanying the shame of Barack's victory is the timi...
10/20/08 11:10 pm

Left Ugly

Cindy Sheehan, the ultimate lefty, believes she's being harassed by the ugl...
09/29/08 05:35 pm

Where Was McCain?

Should John McCain have been leading the mutiny?The House on Monday defeated a $...
08/27/08 08:48 pm

The Spirit of Unity

It's over. Time to let go of the fantasies of Democrats suddenly reversing ...
08/26/08 09:21 pm

The Pelosi Effect

We've been hearing forever about the Bradley Effect - the theory that black...
08/22/08 05:15 pm

Edwards Refresher

In case there's an Edwards surprise, here's my post on the Texas congr...
08/19/08 11:35 am

Barack Interrupted

How badly do Democrats want to win the hearts of religious voters? Nancy Pelosi,...
08/15/08 06:29 am

Pelosi Talks

What exactly is Nancy Pelosi talking about?Such silliness. Thanks to Cooksey at ...
08/12/08 01:31 pm

Drilled on Oil

Nancy Pelosi is joining Barack in caving in on offshore drilling."There are...
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