09/30/08 04:09 pm

Slide Over

It appears that the debate Friday night, which many observers thought Barack had...
09/30/08 02:52 pm

Palin Under Attack

A good performance Thursday night will put all this to rest.
09/30/08 06:14 am

Sea Legs

What does Sarah need to get her confidence back in advance of Thursday's de...
09/30/08 02:22 am

Banned in Canada

The liberal perspective on Sarah Palin was articulated for them, before they rea...
09/29/08 11:01 pm

Brains, Interrupted

Hollywood heroes offering thoughtful analysis is a rare thing, and I have none o...
09/29/08 07:51 pm

Michael's Fault

Wondering who is to blame for the failure of the bailout bill to pass? Must be M...
09/29/08 05:35 pm

Where Was McCain?

Should John McCain have been leading the mutiny?The House on Monday defeated a $...
09/29/08 07:20 am

A Different Kind of President

The liberal mind is a wonderful thing to behold. The New York Times has a story ...
09/29/08 02:09 am

Real Clear

Barack's lead continues to expand as post debate surveys from Saturday are ...
09/28/08 02:37 pm

The Democrats' Crisis

Democrats are responsible for having blocked GOP attempts to reign in Freddie an...
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