08/30/08 07:35 am

Fooled and Angry

John McCain fooled almost everyone. And the media doesn't like it. Could th...
08/30/08 12:16 am

Barack's Bounce

Barack got a nice bump out of the convention. How long it survives Sarah Palin w...
08/30/08 12:00 am

Dems Tread Lightly

Will Sarah Palin be a tough opponent to hit?
08/29/08 08:05 pm

Nice Speech, No Bump

The Barack Speech surge didn't happen according to the Rasmussen poll.
08/29/08 06:52 pm

She For Real?

While Sarah Palin selection as a running mate appears to represent a brilliant t...
08/29/08 03:09 pm

Central Casting

An impressive first shot at Sarah Palin, who seems about as perfect a candidate ...
08/29/08 03:08 pm


Suprised. The Obama campaign is surprised. Now, that is an achievement.Which wou...
08/29/08 12:29 pm

Sarah Barracuda

With the Rasmussen poll showing that Barack has a bump of 4 points, up from a ti...
08/29/08 07:57 am

I Am Woman

Fox is reporting that Sarah Palin,, governor of Alaska, is John McCain's ch...
08/28/08 05:23 am

The McCain Choice

John McCain is teasing now on his VP choice, trying to steal back some attention...
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