11/03/08 02:02 pm

Sarah's French Kiss

Sarah Palin got used by some Canadian pranksters pretending to be French Preside...
11/03/08 03:59 am

Pulling Punches

Even Joe the Plumber is too upwardly mobile to overtly question Barack's pa...
11/01/08 08:28 am

Zogby Shocker

The race for president tightens, as the Zogby poll shows McCain cutting two poin...
10/31/08 05:28 pm

Barack Bizarro

Should illegals be part of the Social Security System? Should they receive benef...
10/30/08 07:34 pm

Trader Joe

Where's Joe?Although it might seem like Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher ...
10/30/08 07:22 am


This sucker should be in heavy rotation.
10/30/08 02:53 am

Palin Chases Khalidi

Sarah Palin goes after the LA Times for failing to release the video tape of the...
10/29/08 07:46 pm


Barack mocks McCain and Palin.When it gets to the part where Sarah winks, I take...
10/29/08 01:38 pm

Rasmussen Moves For McCain

Rasmussen operates the most stable, in my estimation, of polls. I like it becaus...
10/29/08 12:02 pm

Palling Around with Dash

What is terrorism?The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a p...
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