11/14/08 11:53 am


Can this be for real, or is it just the usual gameplaying - make women feel good...
11/13/08 11:09 pm

Pressing Sarah

At the Republican Governor's Conference in Miami, it might as well be recon...
11/13/08 08:16 pm

Glib Guidance

The biggest failure in network news has some advice for one of America's bi...
11/13/08 06:11 pm

Bad News

MSNBC got confirmation of the Sarah Palin Africa controversy from a McCain campa...
11/11/08 03:09 am


Sarah's got herself in rehab.Alaska Gov.
11/09/08 06:55 am

Pat's Tingle

Pat Robertson is as excited by Barack as Michael Moore is."He can be one of...
11/08/08 04:59 pm

Ya Sarah

Sarah calls them jerks.They deserve it.An angry aide characterized the Palins as...
11/08/08 01:12 pm

Back Stabber

Who is trashing Sarah? Mitt Romney says the petty anonomous leaks against Palin ...
11/08/08 09:47 am

Puh Puh Puh Puh Palin

In four years, America's going to be eager for change. So which Republican ...
11/03/08 04:44 pm

Swinging Pennsylvania

This should have happened in July. But it could provide the difference in the bi...
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