09/13/08 04:47 pm

Knice Knife Twist

After Barack loses this election, and Democrats will be forced to look back on h...
09/13/08 01:03 pm


David Letterman had a good joke last night regarding McCain on The View. Here�...
09/13/08 09:34 am

Palin Power

Does it matter what she says, or just that she says it? Sarah rocked the news ra...
09/10/08 10:30 am


Barack gets attacked on education.
09/10/08 02:07 am


Barack had best leave the lipstick jokes to the women. He got in a bit of troubl...
09/09/08 10:52 pm

Bounce Over

John McCain's bounce is no longer rising. In today's Gallup daily trac...
09/04/08 05:27 am

Game Changer

Sarah Palin rocked the house at the Republican convention last night. Nice that ...
09/03/08 10:09 pm

Careers of Change

Will this be Sarah's most memorable line tonight?"Here’s how I look ...
09/03/08 07:34 am

Obama Frank on Abortion

Barney Frank, the gay Massachusetts congressman who faced a scandal, and a rempr...
09/02/08 04:50 pm

Pretzel Logic

As expected, questions about whether Sarah Palin's 14 years in elective off...
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