11/05/08 10:09 am

Talkin' Revolution

As usual, John Lewis has it wrong.An emotional moment on ABC News, as Georgie Co...
11/04/08 01:00 am

Confectionary Sugar

A good analysis in the Telegraph of London on just how screwy it is to vote for ...
10/31/08 11:09 pm


Paying higher taxes? Patriotic. Complaining about higher taxes? Selfishness.
10/31/08 05:28 pm

Barack Bizarro

Should illegals be part of the Social Security System? Should they receive benef...
10/30/08 11:30 am

Razz Too

Rasmussen also moves two points toward Barack today.
10/30/08 09:28 am

Found Relatives

Barack family members have been found living in public housing in Boston. George...
10/29/08 02:34 am


This is a good thing for McCain to be doing - demanding of the LA Times that the...
10/28/08 07:05 am

Banned by Biden

Attempts by local media outlets to ask appropriate questions of the Obama campai...
10/27/08 04:22 pm

Flawed Constitution

Despite attempts by the media to convince voters that the election is over, we s...
10/13/08 09:21 am

Grab It

The economy needs to be grabbed as an issue by one of the candidates - and it sh...
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