07/15/10 09:37 am

Peace Lovin' Liberals

The New Black Panther Party is protected by the Obama administration's just...
07/15/10 07:26 am

November Fall

Karl Rove breaks down the November elections with Sean Hannity.
07/14/10 09:43 pm

Who Else?

Besides regular old voters, who now understand that the president's ideals ...
07/14/10 08:08 pm

Uncle Zaki

Liberals can't help themselves. Barack Obama is not President of the United...
07/14/10 05:08 pm

Punch Drunk

Nevada is number one, but Harry Reid seems not to know it. Immigration reform cr...
07/14/10 04:41 pm

I Love Mel

I'm picturing a sitcom... an update of the Bill Cosby Show, maybe, starring...
07/14/10 02:55 pm

Messiah Resistant

Americans are too spoiled - unworthy of the benefits of The One - and poor Presi...
11/13/08 01:26 pm

I Hate About You

The Obama girls won't get everything they want now that they're presid...
11/11/08 06:20 pm


It's always the same question with liberal politicians - why don't the...
11/08/08 09:31 am

No Apologies

Things are different in Italy, I guess.
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