07/17/10 04:59 am

Quality Killers

Corrupt Democrats continue their effort to make education worse.
07/17/10 03:01 am

Driving Obama

What is the mission that drives Barack Obama to socialize America?
07/16/10 11:48 pm

Compassion Routes

New Democrats come into the country everyday. That's the Democrats plan, a...
07/16/10 05:48 pm

So Many Racists

Are the race baiters racist? Ah, someone finally noticed on the left.
07/16/10 11:39 am

Move a Resolution

Problematic Racist Activities? When will the NAACP repudiate the Democratic Part...
07/16/10 11:30 am

If I Knew

The more you hear of Janet Napolitano's opinions on illegal immigration and...
07/15/10 08:00 pm

Harry's Missing Balls

Sometimes, there's so much compassion and empathy oozing out of liberals, y...
07/15/10 06:20 pm

Over, Maybe

The oil has stopped flowing into the Gulf as BP has begun integrity tests on the...
07/15/10 05:24 pm

Clinton Message

Is James Carville only upset about the destruction of his beloved Gulf Coast... ...
07/15/10 11:20 am

Nasty Machine

Illinois Democrats are trying to stop the Black candidate. Chicago - On Wednesda...
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