08/29/08 07:46 am


McCain has done a nice job of playing the VP card in such a manner as to steal s...
08/28/08 10:22 pm

Heavy Objects

What will Barack be doing tonight in his speech? Let's figure that he'...
08/28/08 03:42 pm

Pawlenty Good

It seems pretty certain that Tim Pawlenty will be the choice for McCain's r...
08/28/08 03:34 pm

Barack Bump

The Gallup tracking poll, which a couple of days ago had McCain pulling into a 2...
08/28/08 05:23 am

The McCain Choice

John McCain is teasing now on his VP choice, trying to steal back some attention...
08/27/08 10:25 pm

Up with America

Dennis Kucinich gave a lively speech at the Denver convention. He looks like a b...
08/27/08 08:00 am

How'd She Do?

08/26/08 06:32 pm

Sam Says

Sam Donaldson, echoing James Carville, says the Democrats had best start throwin...
08/26/08 06:23 pm

The Image of Adlai

Ed Rendell, the Governor of Pennsylvania, was a big Hillary supporter. And now h...
08/26/08 09:12 am

Ayers Airs Again

Bill Ayers is not about the sixties, he's about right now. Why has he playe...
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