11/13/08 08:59 pm

Truth Be Told

Now that the election is over, the truth about Barack - always available, but pr...
11/11/08 06:20 pm


It's always the same question with liberal politicians - why don't the...
11/01/08 01:17 am

Truth Teller

Question: Is Barack qualified to be president?Michelle nails the answer.
09/18/08 07:03 pm

Good Advice

Here's Michelle Obama's argument about how people should decide who to...
08/25/08 11:50 pm

Prime Time

They've saved prime time - 10pm on - when the alphabet networks pick up cov...
08/24/08 09:49 am

Michelle Scandal?

This story is in today's Chicago Sun-Times, accusing Michelle and David Axe...
08/16/08 02:04 pm

Democrat Attack Machine

Why is Jerome Corsi's new book on Barack, The Obama Nation, so freely calle...
08/10/08 12:30 pm

Surviving Michelle

How does Barack's candidacy survive Michelle's view of America?You com...
08/06/08 05:15 pm

Frank Marshall Davis

Dick Morris mentioned recently that one of the biggest mistakes the Obama campai...
07/18/08 08:38 pm

Poor Michelle

Barack is engaging in the old kinda politics again, trying to create standard le...
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