10/06/08 10:55 pm

Racism Again

Liberal eyes see racism everywhere.WASHINGTON (AP) — By claiming that Democrat...
10/06/08 10:34 pm

Who is Barack?

Hardball has arrived.Republican John McCain is calling Democratic rival Barack O...
10/06/08 05:03 pm

Bad Guys

Everybody knows that those who do attack ads are bad people, so the Democrats ar...
10/06/08 03:55 pm

Anyone Understand Women? Not NOW!

There is actually a feminist in America today who has noticed that Sarah Palin i...
10/06/08 03:43 pm

Keating: The Movie

Here's the Obama film on John McCain and the Keating Five scandal, released...
10/06/08 01:23 pm

Heels On

Is telling the truth about Barack and his scummy friends enough to pull the curr...
10/06/08 08:32 am

Barack Goes Keating

The guy who was going to bring us a new kinda politics feels so vulnerable over ...
10/05/08 06:24 pm

Scary Self-Confidence

Is John McCain's old age, coupled with Sarah Palin's scary self-confid...
10/05/08 12:33 pm

Exposing Ayers

The Obama campaign is reacting quickly and harshly to Sarah Palin's attempt...
10/05/08 09:08 am

The Party That Can't Win

Somehow, this doesn't seem like enough anymore.
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