10/09/08 12:39 pm

McCain Ad

This spells it out pretty nicely.
10/08/08 05:37 pm

That One

All liberals are not idiots - I know this for a fact. Nevertheless, I have to re...
10/08/08 08:57 am


Despite the 8 and 9 point edge that Rasmussen and Gallup give to Obama, Zogby is...
10/08/08 12:14 am

Worst Ever?

Was this John McCain's worst debate performance ever? Or perhaps the worst ...
10/07/08 08:56 pm

Tune in...

Todd anchors debate coverage from 7pm to midnite on WRKO in Boston tonight.
10/07/08 07:56 pm

Subprime Takedown

Here's the infamous SNL skit from this past weekend starring George Soros a...
10/07/08 03:34 pm


Authorities in Kenya are, for some reason, as scared about having the facts of B...
10/07/08 08:17 am

Luffing Polls

It's a confusing moment in the trend of the presidential race. On the one h...
10/07/08 02:12 am

Starbucks Factor

Just after getting introduced by a women's rights activist and NOW leader i...
10/06/08 11:33 pm

New Ayers Excuse From Axelrod

Despite acute concerns that Barack has no executive experience, the Obama campai...
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