10/18/08 08:53 am


Does it hurt or help?
10/17/08 05:20 pm

Dave Gets John

McCain finally gives Letterman his makegood.
10/17/08 12:07 pm

Fair Enough?

Does it matter? John McCain returned to "Late Show With David Letterman&quo...
10/16/08 07:57 pm


Despite the mainstream media's portrayal of the race, that Barack is runnin...
10/16/08 02:16 pm

Bursting Obama

You'll recall that I was suggesting a few days ago that McCain could reclai...
10/16/08 02:03 pm

Barack Wins

When it comes to the race for positive press, Barack Obama is the winner. The Ce...
10/16/08 02:22 am

Just Words

Profound statement on Barack.Nearly all of Obama's appeal requires his supp...
10/16/08 12:28 am


He didn't do anything as bold as I would have liked, but McCain gave a soli...
10/15/08 08:22 am

Jealous Jesse

Jesse Jackson is still trying to ruin things for Barack. PREPARE for a new Ameri...
10/14/08 02:30 am

RNC Ayers

The McCain campaign is looking at the polls, and the polls show that voters aren...
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