10/22/08 08:37 pm

Enough Not Said

With his radical past and slimy friends, Barack remains the most beatable candid...
10/22/08 06:39 pm

Penn Close

McCain is fighting hard to keep Pennsylvania alive with polls showing him losing...
10/22/08 04:36 pm

Joe I Am

McCain taps into J the P energy.
10/22/08 07:46 am

Biden's Test

One of the bizarre quirks of the presidential campaign is that the media has obs...
10/20/08 06:15 am

Stern Voters

A nice bit from Howard Stern, exposing that voters are driven by the cult of per...
10/19/08 11:58 pm

Obama Grilled

The reception for Barack was not so warm at a North Carolina diner called the Ca...
10/19/08 03:51 pm


Get mad when you hear them talk about a double digit Obama lead.
10/19/08 02:59 pm


If you're inclined toward seasickness, you might want to take a Dramamine b...
10/19/08 12:25 pm

Donna, Newt, Friedman et al

Stephanopoulos had a full hour round table today. When Newt Gingrich suggested t...
10/18/08 03:49 pm


Has McCain allowed his image and reputation to be kidnapped by devious advisers ...
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