11/13/08 11:09 pm

Pressing Sarah

At the Republican Governor's Conference in Miami, it might as well be recon...
11/11/08 09:16 am

Needing A Newt Party

Newt running the GOP? Great idea.Newt Gingrich has let it be known that, if Repu...
11/08/08 04:59 pm

Ya Sarah

Sarah calls them jerks.They deserve it.An angry aide characterized the Palins as...
11/08/08 09:47 am

Puh Puh Puh Puh Palin

In four years, America's going to be eager for change. So which Republican ...
11/07/08 05:15 pm

Celebrating Diversity

The Democrat's idea of education.It seems to me that social programs would ...
11/05/08 12:10 pm


McCain's speech.
11/04/08 09:11 pm

Military Votes

There is controvery in Virginia over the votes of deployed forces. The McCain ca...
11/04/08 08:26 pm

Exit Polls I

For what it's worth, exit polls were embargoed until 5pm, which means they ...
11/04/08 08:17 pm


You have maybe heard the story about two black panthers guarding the door to a v...
11/04/08 12:03 pm

Zogby Close

Zogby jumps 4 points toward Barack.Democrat Barack Obama leads Republican John M...
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