11/14/08 07:01 pm

Family Fugitive

Just because the election is over, don't expect people like Bill Ayers to b...
11/04/08 10:22 am

You Were Lied To

If you aren't concerned about the radicals, racists and bigots with whom Ba...
10/31/08 07:38 am

Lying, Actually

Want to see a malicious campaign? Remember how Biden claimed a couple of weeks a...
10/23/08 06:52 pm

Barack's Lines

Presidential politics is like making a movie. The candidate is the actor, his jo...
10/20/08 10:05 am

Wacko Web

Barack's leftist world.
10/17/08 08:31 pm

Alphabet Lies

Why did Charlie Gibson kick off the national news last night with a story that i...
09/24/08 11:30 am

Dirty Ad

When you compare the Barack Obama of primary season with the general election ca...
09/15/08 11:08 am


Do you remember 15 years ago the Dateline NBC scandal, when the TV news program ...
09/15/08 07:12 am

Big Lies, Small Lies

Barack Obama lied about his plan for ending the war in Iraq. He did this in orde...
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