11/03/08 05:55 pm

Live Mic, Dead Plumber

The rule of thumb in radio is to always assume that the microphones are live. Fe...
11/03/08 03:59 am

Pulling Punches

Even Joe the Plumber is too upwardly mobile to overtly question Barack's pa...
10/30/08 07:34 pm

Trader Joe

Where's Joe?Although it might seem like Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher ...
10/27/08 06:35 am

October Surprise

Joe the Plumber doesn't live alone anymore.
10/25/08 10:37 am

Plumber Killers

The good government guys are the ones you've got to watch out for.Samuel Jo...
10/24/08 11:24 pm

Ladies & Gentlemen

It's a wonder that Barack still lets Biden out to campaign.Then again, Bara...
10/18/08 03:05 pm

Liberal Attack Machine

We all know what a bad person Joe the Plumber is. He is a suspicious character, ...
10/17/08 04:09 pm


While Joe the Plumber has put a face on Barack's big tax lie - he is about ...
10/17/08 02:11 am

Joe Knows

As the Dems try to destroy Joe the Plumber's power as a lightning rod in th...
10/16/08 06:17 pm

Barack the Listener

One of Barack's reputed attributes that makes the elites drool over him is ...
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