11/14/08 04:26 pm

Secretary of Mate

More silliness about Hillary:Imagine someone so inexperienced as Secretary of St...
11/14/08 11:53 am


Can this be for real, or is it just the usual gameplaying - make women feel good...
10/04/08 01:03 pm

Hillary says...

Joe Biden was great. Sarah Palin was composed and effective - very good.
09/23/08 12:16 pm

Broken Home

Why is Barack struggling still to get the support of Democrats?
09/23/08 08:55 am

Ayers Exploration

Bill O'Reilly did a segment with Stanley Kurtz last night, tracing the rela...
09/17/08 06:46 am

Rothschild Rejects Barack as Elitist

How funny.Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter and...
09/16/08 10:50 pm

The City Gal & The Hillbilly

It seems that Saturday Night Live bit, with Hillary and Sarah appearing together...
09/14/08 01:12 pm

Fey Performance

It appears that Tina Fey will be a major beneficiary of Palin Fever.Sorry - NBC ...
09/13/08 04:47 pm

Knice Knife Twist

After Barack loses this election, and Democrats will be forced to look back on h...
09/06/08 11:57 am


It's never too early for nostalgia, and since this campaign's been goi...
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