09/03/08 09:38 am

Giuliani Spins Palin

Rudy Giuliani has been on virtually every major show on every network over the p...
09/02/08 10:35 pm

New GOP Ad

In an attempt to answer Barack's constant attempts to morph McCain into Geo...
09/02/08 07:23 am

The Change Candidates

Political Science.
09/02/08 12:00 am

Family Values

I don't understand this thinking.
09/01/08 02:55 pm

Hey, Baby

The richness that Sarah Palin brings to our national political dialogue grows to...
09/01/08 02:34 am

Sarah Smile

Now there are two polls out showing that Barack's bounce is gone. Earlier S...
08/31/08 05:18 pm

Squeeze Those Lemons

John McCain's convention being blown out by a hurricane could be a disaster...
08/31/08 03:29 pm


Almost everyone I've spoken with who isn't rooting for Barack is thril...
08/31/08 02:14 pm

Thoughtful Analysis

Finally, analysis of the Palin selection that shows some insight.
08/31/08 11:48 am

Nervous Laughter

It's what they call a nervous laugh.Asked at a press conference Saturday ni...
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