10/03/08 08:28 am

Better Wright

Yesterday I posted an ad from the Judicial Network that attempts to make the cou...
10/03/08 12:23 am

Palin Wins

Sarah Palin took the soft pitch of low expectations and knocked that sucker out ...
09/30/08 11:15 am

Palin's Pakistan Problem

McCain and Palin sat down with Katie Couric and addressed the controversy over P...
09/28/08 01:12 pm

The Joy of Video

If you really want to upset the Barack supporters in your life, send them a link...
09/26/08 11:54 pm

The Debate

Both candidates are doing well tonight. The attempt to deliberately misrepresent...
09/25/08 07:03 pm


Meeting Over - And the deal is almost done.Confident but not yet celebrating, co...
09/25/08 05:54 pm

Near or Not?

Ready to go into a 4pm White House meeting, it's unclear whether congress h...
09/24/08 07:51 pm

Stock Monsters

So here's the deal. This afternoon, shortly before 3pm et, McCain announces...
09/24/08 05:08 pm

Debate Debate

The economy is clearly working in Barack's factor, with McCain's chall...
09/20/08 06:49 pm

Murdoch's Friend

Rupert Murdoch is worth hearing on Barack Obama.
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