10/26/08 11:24 pm

A Different View of Sarah

Sarah Palin is not about $150,000 clothing budgets, as she makes clear in Florid...
10/26/08 06:34 pm

Piling On

Scott Conroy of CBS News writes a blog entry entitled "Palin Stretches Fact...
10/24/08 04:27 pm

Spread the Socialism

Barack supporters are irate over suggestions that he is a socialist, or harbors ...
10/24/08 08:59 am

Sarah Talks

Today is the day.
10/23/08 06:52 pm

Barack's Lines

Presidential politics is like making a movie. The candidate is the actor, his jo...
10/23/08 10:58 am


You recall how the media blew things completely out of proportion a couple of we...
10/07/08 06:25 am

Sarah's Smile

While voters like Sarah Palin, her performance in last week's debate didn&#...
10/06/08 03:55 pm

Anyone Understand Women? Not NOW!

There is actually a feminist in America today who has noticed that Sarah Palin i...
10/04/08 10:47 am

He's Scared?

P Diddy is scared of Sarah Palin.This could be viewed as a parody of those who a...
10/03/08 02:18 pm

Sarah Sixpack

Were you thinking that last night might be the end of John McCain's chance...
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