11/12/08 11:40 pm

Whatever Sarah Wants

Whatever Sarah wants...In yet another television interview, former Republican vi...
11/11/08 03:09 am


Sarah's got herself in rehab.Alaska Gov.
11/09/08 01:00 am

Sarah's Seat?

People are asking whether Sarah Palin will appoint herself to the U.S. Senate if...
11/08/08 04:59 pm

Ya Sarah

Sarah calls them jerks.They deserve it.An angry aide characterized the Palins as...
11/06/08 08:23 pm

Dressing Sarah

Sarah moves on.Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin insisted in an interview with the Tribune...
11/03/08 08:26 pm

Chump Change

Nearly half of American wage earners pay no federal income taxes. Barack propose...
11/02/08 11:53 am

Palin Power-Singing

The liberal fear of a woman in the White House yields humorous results.
10/31/08 01:55 pm

Sarah, Smile

How in love with Sarah are you?Judy Patrick is a professional photographer. From...
10/28/08 09:44 am

Media Bias Bothering Liberals

Even liberals are complaining about the liberal media.
10/27/08 02:42 pm

Palin Magic

Sarah is magic on the campaign trail.It may be late in the campaign, but a new c...
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