10/22/08 11:54 am

Be Prepared

The Zogby poll has jumped from a 3 point Obama lead over the weekend to a 10 poi...
10/21/08 05:44 pm

Race Stalled

The Gallup poll is up to a 7% Obama lead today among likely voters, joining Zogb...
10/21/08 11:33 am

McCain's Move

The polls remain scattered on the presidential race, with the small tilt back to...
10/20/08 11:50 am

Poll Flips

While Zogby jumped to a six point Obama lead today, from 3% yesterday, Rasmussen...
10/20/08 09:05 am

Bumping Powell

The Zogby poll, released hours before the others start to come out, has taken a ...
10/19/08 03:51 pm


Get mad when you hear them talk about a double digit Obama lead.
10/19/08 10:06 am

Tighter Still

The new Zogby poll shows that Barack's lead in the presidential race is und...
10/18/08 08:06 pm

Two Four Five

The polls are pretty much the same today - implying a lack of impact from Wednes...
10/17/08 12:12 pm

Ras: Still Four

After the Gallup poll showed the presidential race tightening to a two point lea...
10/17/08 12:07 pm

Fair Enough?

Does it matter? John McCain returned to "Late Show With David Letterman&quo...
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