09/09/08 08:32 pm

23 Points

Catholic voters are good predictors of national elections, says George Stephanop...
09/08/08 11:04 am

McCain's Palin Bump

The GOP convention was the launch pad that the McCain campaign had hoped for, fu...
09/07/08 07:22 pm

Bounce Away, Bounce Here.

Barack's convention bounce has been wiped out, even though viewers of McCai...
09/07/08 11:49 am


In today's Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll, Sarah Palin has pulled the presid...
09/07/08 09:04 am

Four Points

A week ago, John McCain had a two point lead over Team Obama in the Zogby poll. ...
09/05/08 12:48 pm

Bounce Over

In the wake of the CBS poll showing the presidential race has pulled back to eve...
09/01/08 02:34 am

Sarah Smile

Now there are two polls out showing that Barack's bounce is gone. Earlier S...
08/30/08 03:26 pm

The Palin Effect

The Gallup Daily Tracking Poll confirms the results of the Rasmussen tracker - w...
08/30/08 02:06 pm

Nice Speech, No Bump

The Barack Speech surge didn't happen according to the Rasmussen poll.
08/30/08 03:13 am

Gustav's Bounce

Will McCain get his bounce sharing the headlines with Gustav? There is no questi...
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