08/27/08 08:08 am


My old WRKO producer Cooksey is at the convention, and is blogging. It's wo...
08/26/08 03:36 pm

McCain Leads

Did Joe Biden's selection as Barack's running mate excite voters?It�...
08/26/08 12:50 pm

Biden's Trigger Finger

Can Barack still go after for McCain for being trigger happy when all McCain has...
08/24/08 11:19 pm

Saddam Biden

Biden explains his belief that Saddam had to go.
08/24/08 09:31 am

Passed Over

The McCain campaign has found a clever way to insert Hillary's criticisms o...
08/24/08 09:11 am

Too Old?

Are these Democrats just too old for the job? Neither seems able to get his line...
08/23/08 07:41 pm

Sigmund Rules

Freud Strikes Again! And, as usual, Sigmund has a point. Imagine how strong the ...
08/23/08 04:25 pm


Not very convincing.
08/23/08 12:39 pm

Do No Harm

Barack's choice of Biden is a tacit admission, as we've discussed here...
08/23/08 09:14 am

McCain's Biden Ad

McCain already has the Biden ad in circulation.
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