11/06/08 01:28 am

The Russians Are Coming

When Dopey Joe Biden suggested that electing Barack could be dangerous, he sugge...
10/31/08 07:38 am

Lying, Actually

Want to see a malicious campaign? Remember how Biden claimed a couple of weeks a...
10/29/08 01:38 pm

Rasmussen Moves For McCain

Rasmussen operates the most stable, in my estimation, of polls. I like it becaus...
10/28/08 07:44 pm

Tax Gaffe

Biden changes the Obama tax proposal. Biden's accurate in suggesting that t...
10/28/08 02:25 pm

Nutty E's

As much as they respect brains and sophistication, liberals find theirs largely ...
10/28/08 09:44 am

Media Bias Bothering Liberals

Even liberals are complaining about the liberal media.
10/28/08 07:05 am

Banned by Biden

Attempts by local media outlets to ask appropriate questions of the Obama campai...
10/25/08 11:50 pm

Biden Goes West

Great questions for Joe Biden from Orlando news anchor Barbara West has lead to ...
10/25/08 07:56 am

Loose Clip

The Obama campaign released Joe Biden's medical records this week, but left...
10/24/08 11:24 pm

Ladies & Gentlemen

It's a wonder that Barack still lets Biden out to campaign.Then again, Bara...
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