11/01/08 01:17 am

Truth Teller

Question: Is Barack qualified to be president?Michelle nails the answer.
10/31/08 05:28 pm

Barack Bizarro

Should illegals be part of the Social Security System? Should they receive benef...
10/31/08 04:01 pm


Are you shocked that any elected official would favor giving government benefits...
10/31/08 12:27 pm

Just Words

Think of Democratic buzzwords - ones that reflect critical liberal philosophies....
10/31/08 07:38 am

Lying, Actually

Want to see a malicious campaign? Remember how Biden claimed a couple of weeks a...
10/31/08 02:58 am

Dumbest Ever?

One of the dumbest things that Larry Kudlow has ever heard came out of the mouth...
10/30/08 07:45 pm

Missing McCain

There was only one candidate, so it makes sense that Barack drew about half of a...
10/30/08 07:34 pm

Trader Joe

Where's Joe?Although it might seem like Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher ...
10/30/08 11:01 am

Put Him Away

Given the structural demand for a Democratic victory, why hasn't Barack bee...
10/30/08 07:22 am


This sucker should be in heavy rotation.
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