11/04/08 11:55 am


Do Barack's ties to racial divisiveness bother you?
11/04/08 10:43 am

Coal Questions

People are wondering why Barack's quotes on coal, potentially very damaging...
11/04/08 10:22 am

You Were Lied To

If you aren't concerned about the radicals, racists and bigots with whom Ba...
11/04/08 09:54 am

Your Vote

Are you confused about how to vote today?
11/04/08 07:32 am

How Can I Be Sure?

Still confused about who to vote for? Barack is the wrong choice.How can I be su...
11/04/08 03:01 am

By a Thread

Hope is hanging by a thread. With all evidence suggesting that Barack will be th...
11/03/08 11:53 pm

Madelyn Dies

So much for the suggestion that Barack's grandmother wasn't that sick ...
11/03/08 08:26 pm

Chump Change

Nearly half of American wage earners pay no federal income taxes. Barack propose...
11/03/08 06:49 pm

Flip it Good

Now, wait a second. Is this some unconscious thing?Or not?
11/03/08 05:55 pm

Live Mic, Dead Plumber

The rule of thumb in radio is to always assume that the microphones are live. Fe...
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