11/05/08 05:28 pm


Here are some other viewpoints on Barack's election.
11/05/08 04:41 pm

Fear of Barack

They're already scared of Barack.A New York Democrat is backtracking from w...
11/05/08 12:36 pm


Impressive?Democratic Senator Barack Obama has received celebrity endorsements t...
11/05/08 11:46 am

Race Loses

Race a factor?Obama did not win a majority of white voters; no Democrat has sinc...
11/05/08 08:12 am


Two very good headlines in the LA Times.
11/04/08 08:54 pm

Can't Take a Joke

I suspect this led to a reduced turnout for Democratic voters considering how th...
11/04/08 08:26 pm

Exit Polls I

For what it's worth, exit polls were embargoed until 5pm, which means they ...
11/04/08 08:17 pm


You have maybe heard the story about two black panthers guarding the door to a v...
11/04/08 01:02 pm

The PA Way

Pennsylvania polls show a 9 or 10% lead for Barack, but still, there is a sense ...
11/04/08 12:03 pm

Zogby Close

Zogby jumps 4 points toward Barack.Democrat Barack Obama leads Republican John M...
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