11/13/08 08:40 am

Say Anything

Like most politicians, Barack was willing to say anything to win the presidency....
11/12/08 05:19 pm

Bailing Out the Unions

Why the fear of General Motors going under? The demand for cars would remain the...
11/12/08 09:57 am

Nothing to Fear

Conservatives are scared to death by the potential that Barack's radical pa...
11/11/08 10:57 pm

Lobbyist Schnobbyist

Barack's campaign stand against lobbyists was meaningless as policy - a dec...
11/11/08 07:59 pm

Success Starts with W.

Can it be that the economic policies of the Bush administration have been this s...
11/11/08 04:20 pm

Tight Ship

As tight a ship as the Obama campaign was, we have to assume that any aides to O...
11/10/08 11:23 pm

Media Bias

Was the Washington Post's campaign coverage tilted in favor of Barack? The ...
11/10/08 06:04 pm

A Wonderful World

In an historic moment drowning in history, the historic president-elect made his...
11/09/08 03:18 pm

Making Work Pay

What a surprise. When things go bad for Americans who've been trained by li...
11/09/08 09:03 am

Unintended Consequences

Gun sales have been brisk in recent months out of fear of an Obama presidency.
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