11/15/08 09:35 am

Change You Can Believe In

This is the first post of the new version of the old Barack's White Lies. I...
11/14/08 04:26 pm

Secretary of Mate

More silliness about Hillary:Imagine someone so inexperienced as Secretary of St...
11/14/08 01:07 pm

Doctrine Air

Thoughts on the Fairness Doctrine from Adam Reilly in the Boston Phoenix.
11/14/08 11:53 am


Can this be for real, or is it just the usual gameplaying - make women feel good...
11/14/08 10:53 am

Introducing Auto Vote

Now that liberals are in power, it's important to remind ourselves just how...
11/14/08 03:40 am

Bitter Sweet

It must be with mixed emotions that Barack has announced his resignation from th...
11/13/08 08:59 pm

Truth Be Told

Now that the election is over, the truth about Barack - always available, but pr...
11/13/08 03:03 pm

Tin Men

Who would be dumb enough to fall for this crap. Barack is going back to his siza...
11/13/08 11:43 am

Beast of Burden

What amazing trouble Barack has stepped into.For all the fury over Treasury Secr...
11/13/08 09:23 am

End of the World

It's the end of the world as we know it.
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