11/14/08 07:01 pm

Family Fugitive

Just because the election is over, don't expect people like Bill Ayers to b...
11/10/08 11:00 am

Know Nothings

Are you feeling Bill's pain?“It’s all guilt by association,” Ayers sa...
11/04/08 02:05 pm

The Wright Vote

Are you thinking about Reverend Wright as you go to vote today?
11/02/08 09:26 am

$6 Million

Sorry - am I really posting this commercial for the third time? I believe so, bu...
11/01/08 05:46 pm

How Would I Know?

How would he know?
10/31/08 07:38 am

Lying, Actually

Want to see a malicious campaign? Remember how Biden claimed a couple of weeks a...
10/31/08 05:34 am

Sirhan Ayers

It's starting to feel pointless trying to present facts supporting the obvi...
10/29/08 12:02 pm

Palling Around with Dash

What is terrorism?The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a p...
10/29/08 09:08 am

The Ghost

I'm not inclined toward conspiracy theories - I suspect, for example, that ...
10/25/08 03:19 pm

Ayers Cares

O'Reilly's guy chases down Ayers, who exercises his right to remain si...
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