10/06/08 05:03 pm

Bad Guys

Everybody knows that those who do attack ads are bad people, so the Democrats ar...
10/04/08 08:59 am

Knowing the Obamafia

It would be a shame if, after two years of intense campaigning, November 4 arriv...
09/25/08 10:20 pm

The Age Card

Suggesting that McCain is too old to be president, a new TV advertisement tries ...
08/20/08 09:35 am

Attacking, Positively

Obama's on the low-road. But he's doing it low profile.
08/11/08 02:31 pm

Barack's Celebrity Attack

“For decades, he’s been Washington’s biggest celebrity. John McCain,” th...
08/05/08 12:46 pm

Barack's Oil(y) Ad

Here's Barack's new ad that attacks McCain for having accepted donatio...
07/30/08 12:30 pm

Barack Uses the Shield

Barack employs "The Shield" in a new TV commercial defending himself a...
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