11/12/08 11:40 pm

Whatever Sarah Wants

Whatever Sarah wants...In yet another television interview, former Republican vi...
10/24/08 08:59 am

Sarah Talks

Today is the day.
10/01/08 01:19 pm

Palin Debates

Take a look and see that Sarah Palin, when comfortable, can discuss issues just ...
09/04/08 12:16 pm

Not True

Somehow, word started spreading that Joe Biden only got 9,000 votes in primary s...
08/31/08 05:18 pm

Squeeze Those Lemons

John McCain's convention being blown out by a hurricane could be a disaster...
08/30/08 07:01 pm

Hitting a Girl

After having messed up on its initial response to the choice of Sarah Palin, Bar...
08/30/08 05:11 pm

Will the Real Barack Obama....

Have you ever seen the real Barack Obama in action?
08/30/08 08:16 am

Fair Reviews

What do moms at the state fair have to say about their Governor Palin being sele...
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