10/23/08 09:21 am

Its............ Great!

Tony the Tiger...
10/22/08 04:36 pm

Joe I Am

McCain taps into J the P energy.
09/17/08 10:17 pm

Returning to his Roots

Remember during primary season, when Barack worked really hard to convince peopl...
09/10/08 10:34 am

Lipstick Attack

Barack gets attacked on lipstick by GOP.
08/30/08 07:01 pm

Hitting a Girl

After having messed up on its initial response to the choice of Sarah Palin, Bar...
08/23/08 09:14 am

McCain's Biden Ad

McCain already has the Biden ad in circulation.
08/14/08 10:39 am

Economy Ad

A well-done new ad for Barack. Not responding to McCain's celebrity theme d...
08/06/08 08:16 pm

Celebrity Redux

The McCain Campaign has a new spot, again asking if a guy who is nothing but a c...
08/05/08 12:46 pm

Barack's Oil(y) Ad

Here's Barack's new ad that attacks McCain for having accepted donatio...
07/30/08 12:30 pm

Barack Uses the Shield

Barack employs "The Shield" in a new TV commercial defending himself a...
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