10/20/08 10:05 am

Wacko Web

Barack's leftist world.
10/17/08 04:09 pm


While Joe the Plumber has put a face on Barack's big tax lie - he is about ...
10/15/08 10:21 pm

Tonight's Debate Strategy

McCain needs to go after Barack tonight, but it can't be about Bill Ayers, ...
10/15/08 02:28 pm

Are you wondering?

The big question about Barack, should he become President, is whether he will re...
10/13/08 11:34 pm

McCain Goes ACORN

ACORN is in danger of having the flow of endless taxpayer dollars going into its...
10/12/08 10:05 am

Barack Lennon

I've been pondering which way Barack goes if he gets power. Is he a committ...
10/12/08 09:51 am

The Cold Civil War

This is so well written, and so accurate. Visit Lilac Rose for more.
10/11/08 01:52 pm

Barack's Nuts

Did Barack work for ACORN?While Barack says he never worked for ACORN in any cap...
10/10/08 12:06 pm

Knowing Saul

At the convention a month ago, Republicans made a joke of Barack's number 1...
10/10/08 06:05 am

Cracking Acorn II

Does 'non-partisan' ACORN mix community activist dollars with campaign...
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