01/30/12 09:05 am

Is Romney Dishonest, Stupid or Both?

01/27/12 07:49 am

Gingich Gets Caught In Latest Lie About His “Open” Marriage!!!

Republican presidential candidate and serial-adulterer Newt Gingrich got caught...
01/26/12 11:21 am

Obama Flies While Mitch Daniels Lies

01/25/12 07:30 am

Mitt(wit) Romney and the Taxman

Mitt Romney is continuing his flip-flopping ways.
01/24/12 07:50 am

Carville Carves Up Republican Presidential Candidates

Sometimes you must honestly admit that someone else has addressed a topic in a...
01/23/12 09:38 am

Sarah Palin Is Gingrich’s Newest Mistress!

The Christmas season may be over but progressive bloggers just received anothe...
01/20/12 11:00 am

Rick Perry Exits Stage Right…Very Far Right

01/19/12 10:29 am

Rush Limbaugh Is Not A Fine Human Being, A Decent Person Or An Average American

The idiotic Rush Limbaugh sunk to a new low on his radio show yesterday. Durin...
01/17/12 11:04 am

More Lies At Last Night’s GOP Debate

Last night, the Republican Presidential candidates (what’s left of t...
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