04/19/12 04:03 pm

Ted Nugent Should Face The Music

04/18/12 12:15 pm

Mitt(wit) Romney Hides His Tax Return Again!

Mitt Romney is continuing his flip-flopping ways.
04/12/12 11:48 am

GOP Rep. Allen “Wild Wild” West Is A Joke

04/11/12 12:38 pm

Rick Santorum Was A Frothy Candidate

04/10/12 10:30 am

Is Mitt Romney Disqualified From Serving As President? (What About His Father?)

This week’s episode of “Republicans Eating Their Own&rd...
04/09/12 03:04 pm

Is Mitt(wit) Romney A Liar, Stupid or Both?

02/23/12 12:37 pm

Welcome Back Sarah Palin!

02/22/12 01:53 pm

GOP’s “Jobs Bills” Lies Exposed

02/17/12 10:34 am

The Difference Between Democrats And Republicans

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