04/21/11 04:31 pm

About Kevin

Kevin McCarthy is a practicing attorney and small business owner on the North Sh...
06/14/12 11:20 am

Ann “The Man” Coulter Flip-Flops On Mitt “Midas” Romney

How predictable radical reich-wing conservative pundits can be. They bash a Re...
06/12/12 09:19 am

Mitt Romney Is A Mexican Polygamist

  Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney  is a Mexican...
06/08/12 09:38 am

Will Romney “Cop” A Plea To Impersonating A Police Officer?

Let’s face it, Mitt Romney is a weird and awkward person. This child ...
06/06/12 10:44 am

Tuesday Morning Coffee (or Tea)

Just a few newsworthy items (and comments thereon) that have been making thei...
05/30/12 10:42 am

Mitt(wit) Romney Has A New Scandal

05/29/12 10:07 am

Scott “Nudist” Brown’s Tomahawk Chop Backfires

05/25/12 10:13 am

Sarah Palin: The Gaffe Gift That Keeps On Giving

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