05/30/11 09:58 am

Skipping College

The founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, has given out a dozen six figure scholarship...
05/28/11 08:48 am

On Silent Dining

I’ve heard of silent films and silent auctions, but not silent dining. A co-wo...
05/27/11 11:37 am

James Michael Curley

I’ve been reading The Rascal King by Jack Beatty. It’s a biography of James ...
05/26/11 09:47 am

Palin Running?

I learned this morning that Sarah Palin is seriously considering a run for presi...
05/24/11 09:30 am

On Browsing for Books

I rarely go to the library knowing what book I want. Instead, I roam the stacks,...
05/23/11 09:08 am

On Ways of Looking for Work

It’s a common sight: jobseekers walk up to the hostess’ stand at a restaura...
05/21/11 09:38 am

On Overpaid Lifeguards

When I heard the news that some lifeguards at Newport Beach in California make i...
05/19/11 09:26 am

Political Performance Art

Tania Bruguera, a performance artist, has taken on quite a project. She lives wi...
05/18/11 09:49 am

On Manliness

05/17/11 11:08 am

Drinking to Improve Your Complexion

What is it about human beings that we try to convert our vices into virtues? Pro...
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