08/18/11 09:24 am

Obama's Vacation

Some people say Obama should not go on vacation; he needs, so the argument goes,...
08/17/11 08:40 am

More Thoughts on Cover Letters

I wrote this a while ago, but I never get tired of writing about cover letters--...
08/15/11 10:26 am


The Boston Globe ran an article this morning asking the question “Why do we ge...
08/11/11 09:03 am

Another Story

Firing the Muse                      
08/09/11 11:35 am

The Page Program Goes

We learn this morning of another casualty of the times—the House of Representa...
08/08/11 07:33 am

The Personal Essay

In Friday’s New York Times, there was an article  about the dreaded personal ...
08/05/11 10:10 am


I recently received an invitation to meet Mitt Romney. I was delighted, until I ...
08/02/11 11:06 am

The Debt Deal and Somalia

On the front page of this morning's New York Times, there was a picture of ...
08/01/11 07:37 am

Debt Deal

Everyone knew that a deal over the debt limit would be reached at the 11th hour....
07/28/11 10:32 am

Jokes on Unemployment

I wrote these during some dark days, which have now, thankfully, passed. 1) I’...
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