09/22/11 07:36 am

Minison's Failures

Minison’s Failures Edward Kelleher
09/16/11 03:51 pm

Reflections of a Gadget

My owner lost me this morning, intentionally I think. He has, so far as I know, ...
09/13/11 08:28 am


When I watched last night’s debate, I found myself not listening to what the c...
09/08/11 09:10 am

Last Night's Debate

Whether or not you like him, Newt Gingrich’s performance in last night’s deb...
09/05/11 10:37 am

Piers Morgan

Last night, I watched Piers Morgan interview Jon Huntsman. One wonders why Repub...
09/01/11 10:22 am

Mitt Courts the Tea Party

We now learn that Mitt Romney is going to court the Tea Party, a group he had fo...
08/31/11 09:59 am


The presence of a ROTC student in his class presumptuously called “War” ofte...
08/30/11 07:24 am

Back to School

With Back to School season here, and all the sales associated with it, I thought...
08/25/11 08:04 am

On Tattoos

The proliferation of tattoos has been much commented on, but I am still at a los...
08/22/11 09:51 am

TV and Death

The data is in: watching TV shortens one life.
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