04/21/11 04:29 pm

About Ed

Ed Kelleher grew up in Needham and became interested in politics during the Clin...
12/08/11 05:15 pm

On Writing

11/18/11 08:40 am

Holiday Musings

It’s the middle of November. We’ve not yet sat down to our Thanksgiving dinn...
11/07/11 07:15 am

Saterday's Debate

On Saturday, there was a debate between Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain. I did not...
10/21/11 08:48 am


I have started taking walks in the forest. I’m certain Thoreau, the man who ha...
10/18/11 10:05 am

First part of Short Story

10/12/11 08:04 am

Mitt's Performance

                Mitt Romney’s performance in last night’s deb...
10/04/11 07:47 am

Don Peck's Article

            I just finished (very belatedly)reading Don Peck’s piec...
10/01/11 08:45 am

On Being Fired

I pity people who have never been fired; it’s such an edifying experience. It ...
09/26/11 01:12 pm

The Return of Chef Carmichael

The Return of Chef Carmichael                          ...
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