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What's all the noise about?

Newton fights over leaf blower use

November 09, 2017 - 8:54 am

The leaves may be falling, but tempers are spiking in Newton when it comes to clean up. The debate over leaf blowers continues in the community. A push by some residents resulted in an ordinance designed to keep things quiet. Leaf blowers must show a manufacturer’s label proving they do not exceed 65 decibels. Most professional landscapers use machines that run at 77 decibels. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day on electric leaf blowers are allowed. Well, Labor Day has passed, and the gas-powered machines are in full swing. The Boston Globe reports residents are now taking to the streets to find the offenders. At the center of that group may be Karen Bray, a local physical therapist that created the group C.A.L.M, Citizens Against Leaf Blower Mania who helped spearhead the move for regulations. She compares the impact of the noise to second-hand smoke.

 Landscapers are no impressed and ignore the demand they turn off the noise making machines. The Globe reports since the ordinance took effect in February they have responded to over 300 complaints.

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