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State Trooper suing bosses

Claims he was forced to change report

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November 08, 2017 - 11:28 am

A Massachusetts State Trooper is suing his top commanders claiming he was forced to change a police report. Trooper Ryan Sceviour says he responded to a crash on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Worcester last month and found 30-year-old Alli Bibaud smelling of alcohol. According to the Boston Globe she claimed to be a heroin addict and told the Trooper her father was a judge. In addition, she claimed to have performed sexual acts in exchange for drugs.

According to the suit Scevior included those statements in the original report, but was ordered to remove some items and was disciplined. The complaint claims the order for removal came from the Secretary of Public Safety. A State Police spokesman tells the Boston Globe it was wrong for the Trooper to include information that was not relevant to the arrest, and other Troopers have been disciplined for the same action in the past.

Sceviour’s lawsuit seeks and apology, and to have the discipline record removed from his file.

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