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Shocking opposition to medical marijuana dispensary in Boston

Resident says Army vets with PTSD not welcome in neighborhood

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November 16, 2017 - 6:49 am

Controversial comments at a Boston Zoning Board meeting Tuesday night. A resident speaks out against a proposed medical marijuana dispensary on Newbury Street, saying he does not want “those kinds of people” in his neighborhood.

Oliver Curme took the podium and said: “There are Army vets with PTSD and we don’t want them in our neighborhood,” suggesting they just "get over it." The man who lives in a Commonwealth Avenue mansion went on to complain about people in wheelchair and MS. Curme attacking others adding, “women with breast cancer, you know they all have that cadavers look and wear those ridiculous turbans.” His reasoning, Newbury Street is a high-end shopping district and these people would scare clientele. 


 The Back Bay Neighborhood Association opposes the project based on location.

Compassionate Organics wants to open a medical marijuana dispensary at 331 Newbury St.

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